Explore The Studio

Free Energy Device’s unique rooms are one of the things that truly set it apart. Designed with exceptional attention to acoustic detail, they’ve also got all the character, charm and comfort necessary for artistic expression. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about using this incredible space for your next project. For more pictures inside each space, explore The Control Room photo gallery or the Timber Room photo gallery.

The Control Room

Designed by acoustics guru Michael Fronzek, the control room is the nerve centre of Free Energy Device Studio. Head producer/engineer Richard Belkner’s recently installed custom-designed Zahl AM1 mixing console is complemented by a monitor set up comprising a pair of classic Duntech Viceroys and Amphion One18s. With a clear eyeline through both live rooms from the mixing desk and an impressive wall of outboard gear, the Free Energy Device control room is arguably one of the best monitoring environments in the country. Browse our full equipment list or learn more about the Zahl AM1.

The Timber Room

The Timber Room was built from salvaged Australian Riverina redgum railway sleepers with rotating panels and two textured surfaces that can be adjusted to alter the reflective audio character of the space. The timber room also features trimmed log walls and 160 year old wooden floorboards, utilising its variable palette of wooden surfaces to create a deep warmth and immense sonic versatility. Whilst it has been primarily used as the main drum tracking space, the timber room is also suitable for a range of other instrumental configurations.

The Bamboo Room

The Bamboo Room is our larger more controlled recording room – an acoustically variable, 28sqm. space outfitted with a unique bamboo ceiling. 

Nestled inside are a Welmar 6’6″ grand piano, a 1950’s Hammond C3 with tube Leslie cabinet, and more keyboards than you can shake a stick at. This room is capable of housing an entire band and is located between the control room and the Timber Room, separated by a glass viewing window so all musicians and engineers can be visually, as well as sonically, aligned.

The Production Suite

In addition to the main live rooms and control room, Free Energy Devices also houses a Production Suite on the studio’s second floor. Equipped with an overdub booth as well as comfortable couches, warm lighting and a large window providing natural light, the Production Suite is a versatile room perfect for songwriting, production-based projects, overdubs, mastering and editing.

Keyboards, amps and mics are shared throughout the building, so if you’re using the production suite you’ll have access to most of the Free Energy Device equipment list, but native to the Production Suite are UAD and Neumann microphones – the room is soft synth heaven. The Production suite is currently block booked by producer Neal Sutherland and Eddie McGuire however Mr. Dan Frizza is often seen mixing, songwriting or producing in here. Get in touch to book a session.